a10 is a multidisciplinary design studio
, its commitment to the exploration of new thinking models and programs has been translated in a “open code practice” that learns from nature and its billions of new solutions generated every second, to generate specific flexible responses to particular situations in a multiscalar panorama of projects.

We love unique and singular things, we don’t differentiate between graphic, architecture, digital applications and other forms of communication through design thinking. The perception of a project is dependent on its slightest components.

We experiment, build, think and rebuild.
 We are organized to never compromise the end result of our work. Quality in every component is what creates the experience of the projects we work with.

We prefer to develop ideas rather than follow trends

The environmental aspect of our practice is always present in our work and thinking, realizing that the best solutions, materials and processes in design are always attached to an environmental conscious as also innovative thinking.

We are based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but have always operated globally.

Mariano Arias-Diez
 leads the design teams at a10studio, his focus on materials, technology and sustainability is supported through a model of working that combines practice, teaching and research.

Prior to founding a10studio he worked in internationally acclaimed offices such as: Rojkind Architects (Mexico City), Guallart Architects (Barcelona), SadarVuga Arhitekti (Ljubljana), among others.

Mr. Arias-Diez holds a Master in Advance Architecture (M.Arch.) from the Advance Architecture Institute of Catalonia (IaaC), with a specialization in digital fabrication, and a Bachelors from UNUM University in Mexico. He also studied architecture in institutions like The Architectural Association in London (under Prof. Neri Oxman), and the RIEA: Research Institute for Experimental Architecture in NY (under Prof. Lebbeus Woods).

His work has been exhibited in Mexico City, New York, London, Rotterdam, Ljubljana, and Dubrovnik.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you materialize your ideas.


*Present and past collaborators at a10studio:

Nancy E. Ortiz
Anel Ortiz
Jessica Alcántara
Aimé Navarro
Alejandra Esparza
Yiju Tseng
Luis Alarcón
Fernanda Patiño
Alexandre Mercier
Fabiola Valdes
Santiago Hernández
Fernanda Vizcaya
Fernando Zamora
Vania Aldonza Torres
Isabel Aguirre
Mia Modak
Francisco Villeda
Katharina Köeber
Carlos Marin
Martha Ceron
Henry L. Quiroga
Spela Stern
Roman Cordero
Valeria Garcia
Marika Othani