In a joint project with Entorno Taller de Paisaje we were awarded as 1st pace and winners of an invited competition to design the landscape architecture of the new Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center (CCRC) in Mexico City.

The project was a unique opportunity to create a “natural background” to the new concert hall. Our proposal rejected the nostalgic idea of ​​a frozen & pseudo bucolic natural landscape in favor of a bold nature not only full of future possibilities but re-positivist.

We payed attention to the way we treated the proposed pavements trying to emphasize the relationship between natural and artificial: Today both things can be structured to allow complex arrangements that allow a flexible location of events that could take place in the in-between spaces. Some kind of an “osmotic” space (infiltrated, slipped, cut, inserted).

A site where nature could welcome the artificial, a place where both intertwine.

Landscape becomes topography and the topography becomes architecture.

Thinking of a landscape that will be developed by its own recycling potential and allows itself for a genetic evolution. Basically in this project where we wanted to preserve, involved always, to intervene.