Fundadores Gallery

The New Fundadores Gallery space seeks to reactivate the cultural historical activity of San Jose del Cabo, intends to transmit its history and its close relation to their surrounding natural context, represented mostly by its centuries-old sustainable relationship with the San Jose del Cabo Estuary (now so seriously threatened by urban development without proper planning).

The project aims to promote and implement strategies for the use and enjoyment of the public space, such as cultural, artistic and recreational activities as also cultural tourism which will contribute to the strengthening of the individual and collective interaction, social integration, coexistence and the use of leisure time in our community. The project will provide as well, a tool for the development of work skills, crafts, social and gender integration, community safety and other measures aimed at preventing anti-social behavior that flood our community today.

The new cultural infrastructure will contain the Museum of the Founders and the public square of El Tildillo, and will generate a new public, cultural and urban dynamics, that will effectively  convey the history of San José del Cabo, and at the same time, based on its strong traditions and customs, it will contribute to advance the city to a sustainable future in cultural, social, economic, touristic and ecological terms.