We ordered the project requirements through a layered approach of simultaneous and overlapping spaces, applied as a method to maintain independence, fluctuation and evolution of the various elements and components needed. The elevations also have an overlay of different treatment facades that become and get understood as in one.

To break and join at the same time the volume, we required a diagonalization process, this is, a process whereby the continuity of space would travel in its entire section, thanks to this, the interior is understood both as a whole and at various levels, producing a connection between its different levels through voids which run, connect or link, in both sequential and topological way.

The mere application of decks, patios, and voids at various heights, would not necessarily produce this effect if they were not accompanied by a process of conjunction or confluence of several plans in one understandable unit, therefore, through this “volume diagonalization ” we lose the feeling of overlapping plants and becomes a unit to be enjoyed as a single place.